Who we are

The Wellow History Society (WHS) was formed in 1980 by residents of the villages of Wellow in Hampshire, in affiliation with, and with the support of LTVAS (Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group), a much larger historical society based in Romsey.  We are registered under the same Charity number (271293).


The LTVAS group now comprises the Romsey Local History Society, along with two associated but autonomous village societies - Wellow History Society and the Nursling and Rownhams History Society


Subscription rates for 2020

 Single Membership        £10.00

 Joint Membership          £16.00


Subscriptions are renewable at

the AGM in November each year.

We always welcome new members.  Membership also enables you to attend Romsey Local History Society and Nursling and Rownhams History Society meetings.  Please have your Membership Card with you.


Visitors are welcome and invited to donate £2.00 per meeting.

What is 'history' and how does the Society present it?

History is concerned with what happened yesterday, last year, or centuries ago and considers its influence on the world around us and the people who inhabit it.  To understand the past as fully as we can, we need to study documents or sources which go back to the time of the actual events themselves.  A knowledge of history affects the way in which we look at the world around us - the people and their crops, livestock, paths, roads, buildings, institutions and much else.