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Canada in Wellow
by Pat and Harold Morgan


This tells the story of the development of the almost self-sufficient hamlet of Canada in the second half of the nineteenth century and the changes in the lives of the inhabitants since that time.





(WHS1) Published in 2001.  70pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-00-5            £5.50  (£7.00 inc. P&P)

Wellow School in Wartime
by Joan V. Marder


This relates how life in the village school of Wellow was affected by the 1939-45 war, when it not only had to cope with shortages and restrictions of wartime, but pupil numbers were almost doubled with evacuated schools from Portsmouth and Gosport so that classes were taught in shifts.  To help the war effort, holiday dates were adjusted to allow children to help with the harvests.



(WHS2) Published in 2001.  15pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-01-2            £3.00  (£4.00 inc. P&P)

Mr Pierce's Experimental Gardens: Wellow School in the 1930's
by Joan V. Marder


Mr Pierce was a nationally-recognised inspirational head teacher during whose headship the school won county awards in music, natural history and gardening as well as sports cups in cricket and football.  The main part of this booklet describes how the curriculum subject of gardening was taught practically by growing crops and flowers, as well as by theory, the teaching including experimental plots testing fertilisers and disease treatments as well as plant breeding.


(WHS3) Published in 2001.  24pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-02-9            £3.50  (£4.50 inc. P&P)

Memories of Family Life in Wellow
by Lina Elkins


Lina Elkins first describes her memories of the trials and joys of growing up in the years between the World Wars on a mixed working farm in Wellow, in the days before tractors.  By contrast she also recounts her life in Wellow after returning from service abroad and settling to village life as a young mother in homes without mains water, electricity or gas.




(WHS4) Published in 2001.  16pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-03-6            £3.00  (£4.00 inc. P&P)

The Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch, East Wellow
by Wellow History Society


This booklet is intended as a visitor's guide to this 13th century Church.  After a short historical introduction, the main part of the booklet is taken up with a description of the main features of the exterior and interior of the Church, its architecture and wall paintings, with a useful plan at the back.




(WHS5) Published in 2002.  12pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-04-3            Sold at the Church

About Wellow: A Guide to the Area
by Wellow History Society


(WHS6) Published in 2002.  ISBN 1-903989-05-0                                        Obsolete - out of print

The Flora of Wellow: An Annotated list of Vascular Plants
                                    Recorded in the Parish of Wellow
by Roger Veall


Roger Veall is a recognised authority about plants and has lived in Wellow for 35 years.  He has thoroughly explored the parish and kept records of all plants he found and where they were growing.  His list of the ferns, horsetails and flowering plants he has recorded is supplemented with comments on the geology and soils found in the parish and the habitats of the plants named.


(WHS7) Published in 2002.  48pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-06-7            £5.50  (£7.00 inc. P&P)

Diana Pares and Thornegate School in Wellow
by Joan V. Marder


Mr & Mrs Pares, Diana's parents, moved to Wellow in 1936, by which time 'Dinah' was a teacher in the prep. school of the famous Gordonstoun School.  When war came 'Dinah' was recruited to secret work at Bletchley Park.  Released at the end of the war she came home to Wellow and opened a successful school at Thornegate, teaching a broad curriculum to up to 75 children aged up to 11 over a period of some 40 years until 1986.


(WHS8) Published in 2004.  32pp.  A5.   ISBN 978-1-903989-07-4           £3.00 (£4.00 inc. P&P)

A Nurse called Flo
by Frances Cale


The story of Florence Nightingale and her part in developing the nursing profession is well-known.  This account is concerned more with the family life of the Nightingales in Wellow, the problems of her personal life and events surrounding her return to Wellow at her funeral.





(WHS9) Published in 2010,  32pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-08-1            £3.00 (£4.00 inc. P&P)

Wellow That Were
by Wellow History Society


This is a collection of reminiscences about life in Wellow, mainly based on memories of a number of the older residents of the village about experiences, stories and characters from the first half of the twentieth century.  It has been reprinted several times by popular demand.





(WHS10) Reprint in 2010.  48pp + map.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-09-8  £5.00 (£6.50 inc. P&P)

Memories of Mary Hunt, Postmistress, Parish Council Chairman and Fifth Generation Resident of Wellow
by Michael Sleigh


Most of Mary's ancestors had lived in Wellow or the neighboroughing villages of Plaitford and Landford, and this booklet outlines their lives and relationships up to the time Mary's mother became postmistress of Wellow in 1927.  Her mother's early death aged 33 left Mary the eldest child at the age of 12 and started a link with the post office that was to last on and off for some 50 years.  Mary also took an active part in village life, serving as a parish councillor for 26 years, eight of them as Chairman. 

(WHS11) Published in 2010.  30pp.  A5.  ISBN 978-1-903989-10-4          £4.00 (£5.00 inc. P&P)

Wellow in the 1840's - An Album of drawings
Edited by Michael Sleigh


A series of drawings of scenes of country life in Wellow were made in the mid-1840's, most probably by Emily Frances Empson, the wife of the Vicar at the time.  These were bound into an album which was purchased for the Hampshire Record Office in 2011.  This book presents a selection of photographs of these drawings, together with identifications of the scenes portrayed in all of the pictures and comments on the people and places shown and modern photographs of some of the same scenes.


(WHS12) Published in 2013.  52pp.  A4.  ISBN 978-1-903989-11-1          £8.90 (£10.00 inc. P&P)