Wellow History Society Archives

The Society has accumulated a considerable archive of documents, maps and photographs relating to the history of Wellow, organised and catalogued into a manageable collection by John Smith.  Most of the maps and documents are copies of material available elsewhere, e.g. in the Hampshire Record Office and libraries.  These provide the basis for the research activities of the Society and for occasional booklets about the local history of the area that are published and sold by the Society. 


The most widely consulted information is housed in the Parish Registers and in the collection of census data for the Parish.


Members of the Society also collect personal memories and contemporary items related to the history of Wellow and its people, for the benefit of future historical study, and try to monitor local activities that could potentially damage or protect features of historical importance.


We have also recorded interesting memories on tape, including one of the voice of Florence Nightingale.  We have a photographic record of Wellow and a video film of village activities for 1999/2000, which gives a picture of life in Wellow at the turn of the Millenium.


Access to the main archive is at present restricted but enquiries about specific items can be made through the Contact Us link in this website.